Life Stewardship

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November 2017 News!


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Be on the lookout for people committing ARKs*! Stewardship members have a few special treats to hand out when they see an ARK! We are watching you.

A few years ago, we changed our way of making a commitment from a signed pledge handed in to the church, to a personal commitment between you and God. Please prayerfully consider your financial commitment to the church for the coming year. In the fall, we plan to introduce a new way of marking this commitment. Watch for the changes to come!

Many exciting things are happening at Emmanuel. The facility is used by several groups in the community, there are Bible studies and prayer groups that meet on a regular basis. Opportunities abound, from quilting groups, fellowship activities, and youth outings to musical opportunities.  There are many ways for you to share your time and talents here at Emmanuel. We’d love to have you get involved.

*(Acts of Random Kindness)




Life Stewardship

Ministry Team


Council Rep: Bill Lavallee

Chairman: Bob Jordan



Karla Gustafson
Dan Hunter

Financial Secretaries:
Danette Hunter
Karen Flood

Stewardship Subcommittee:
Bob Jordan (Chair)
Danette Hunter
Bill Lavallee
Pastor Hybl

Benevolence Subcommittee:

Cecilia Verner (Chair)
Arlene Woodward
Lee Woodward
Kathy Gustafson
Steve Cehovin
Pastor Hybl

Memorial Subcommittee:

Dana Fetter (Chair)
Donna Berardinelli
Pastor Hybl