06172018 4 Aft Pent 3 Aft Trinity Sunday Emmanuel Lutheran Export PA

“Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”


06172018 4 Aft Pent 3 Aft Trinity Sunday Emmanuel Lutheran Export PA

June 17. 2018

“Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”

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On Monday I was driving to the church and listening to the news on the radio.  One of the top stories locally was the amount of rain we received last weekend.  Over a two day period we were bequeathed with over two inches of rain, which set a new record.  A few weeks ago, one of the small towns in Kansas near where we lived received in a 24 hour period 15 inches of rain.  That is the annual rainfall for an entire year on the plains of Kansas. All of these storms got me to thinking about how we as God’s seed that we connected with last week are at times planted and grow to be beautiful plants, but when the storms of life come, we may be tossed and blown over.  What we need to remember in our lives for all of us gathered here today is that “Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”

It may not seem possible, but when we seem stuck in the storms of our lives, only “Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”  For Jesus has the power when we as God’s planted seed are hit with rain, wind or the the daily twists and turns of our lives, we should take great comfort in believing that “Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”  God has this power and will protect us, maybe not the way we think we should be, but He will, maybe not with the earthly viewpoint, but God will care for us with an eternal outlook!

Though our lives may seem out of control, whether from relationships with family or friends that are stressed or strained.  Jobs that bring a great deal of stress that translate to our families and our relationships within the family. Or relationships or distance in our feeling connected to God.  These are the storms of life that the devil will use to leverage us away from God and His will and way. Our lives will be burdened and our spirits will be drowning because we feel alone and not in control of our lives.  These are the storms that keep us up late at night, sleepless times and stress and clearly cause us to doubt God’s love, His commitment to us and especially that we are the seeds planted by God for His Glory. We are not alone in these feelings, this is exactly why Jesus Christ came into this world.  Jesus came into the world for one purpose, to save us. And this is why “Jesus calms the storms of our lives!”

The way in which “Jesus calms the storms of our lives” for each of us can be and is very different.  For some it is taking a walk in the woods or exercising, some wading chest deep in a stream casting a fly or jig hoping for a rise.  Still others it is camping or listening to Christian music or sewing or being with family and friends. The means for each of us to receive the calmness we need can be different, but what remains is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, redeemer of the world, can calm our hearts, souls and spirits and enable us to feel His presence in the way which will give each of us the greatest comfort and peace.  No matter the strikes of lightning of the storms in our lives, the winds of change that cause us to be unsteady in our daily lives or that cause us instability and topple us over. Nor the winds that cause our rootedness in and as the children of God to be in doubt. God our creator and redeemer will reach into each of our lives and purposefully will allow us to feel His presence, peace and stability.

“Jesus calms the storms of our lives” in order that we can truly trust Him for what He has in store for us.  And what God has in store is the ability and opportunity for reconciliation to occur in our lives with our brothers and sisters in Christ and insure that what could be a storm is prevented from causing damage that cannot be undone.

In our world today many believe that God our Father does not care for us nor our storms.  Yet, the reality we need to hear is that our Father in heaven does care for us and our storms in life.  This is why since it is Father’s Day just as with Mother’s, today is an opportunity to look to our earthly Father’s as not only a role model, but individuals that God specifically places in our lives to walk with us during the storms in our lives.  

Recently Mark Butler entitled an article that got me to thinking about my role as a Father to Sarah and how others like me have only a set amount of time to give to the children God places in our lives and we have to give our youth and our children our best.  The article was entitled, “940 Saturdays” and its main purpose was to point to the importance of the family. At times I have personally failed at this with my wife and daughter, Sarah.

Mark spoke to me and my situation and gives the best point at the end of his article concerning the storms in the lives of us and our children.  He says, “Life is hard, marriage is hard, and parenting is hard.  But it’s worth it.”  This is so true and it is my prayer for all Fathers and parents and everyone gathered here today that we collectively will not give up, but make every moment worth it for our families whether by birth, blood or bond that we have here at Emmanuel.  For the gift we are reminded of and can share with everyone is the ultimate truth that “Jesus calms the storms of our lives” out of His great love for us and for all of mankind.  AMEN.