09222019 15th Sunday After Pent 14AT Emmanuel Lutheran Export PA

“God knows our hearts!!”

09222019 15th Sunday After Pent 14AT Emmanuel Lutheran Export PA
September 22, 2019
“God knows our hearts!!”
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Have you ever watched a geologist in action searching a new area?  Recently, I watched on Youtube a geologist that was searching for a specific type of stone.  Most rocks are homogenous in their makeup, meaning in the rock the same material is found throughout the rock, even when broken apart.  This includes most granites and other similarly created rocks as well. When the geologist on the video began searching in cracks and crevices of  the hill, he dug with purpose, because the kind of stone he was searching for was a geode.

Geodes are unique in the ‘rock world’.  In the field, from the outside, they appear uniform and homogenous, except they are a sphere or round or extremely smooth on the outside.  If handled properly, and either broken apart at a crevice or ‘sawed’ apart by a diamond bit saw, they reveal the most unique colors and shapes of crystals within the inside.  Some geodes even glow in the dark.

So vast are the different colors and types of crystals, depending upon the size, color and unique features within the stone, they can be either unique museum pieces or exhibits and even can be worth upwards of thousands of dollars.  What is revealed within the heart of every geode is the beauty of God’s creation and how unique each stone is, even if found only feet apart.

This morning in our Gospel, Jesus like with the uniqueness of every geode demonstrates His unique ability to see what is not obvious to mortal man of what is inside man’s heart.  Jesus is speaking directly to the Pharisee’s who have a deep and abiding love of money. Jesus using the divine attribute of His omniscience or ‘all-knowing’ sees into the hearts of the Pharisees and truly understands what drives them and what their desires are for in the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Just as when God knew the desires of Cain when he had killed his brother Abel in Genesis, the dishonesty of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts when they had sold their property and gave only a portion to the apostles.  Jesus sees into the Pharisee’s hearts as well as into man’s heart including each and every person gathered here today. We are unable to conceal anything from Him. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit know what motivates us, what and why we do what we do and even sees our afflictions, troubles, heartaches and our wishes and even our unspoken prayers that we at times pray in desperation or when we are at the end of what we can handle.

Yet of what consequence is this from our Gospel?  The Pharisees have a plan and ultimately would succeed in pushing their plan to have Jesus sacrificed and killed, because it was against their innermost desire and love of money and how things had always been.  However, Jesus knew their desire and Jesus chose to allow Himself, the omniscient or all-knowing Son to be betrayed and be crucified, die and be buried. The Pharisees were working the plan that satan had put in motion from the beginning of man’s existence in the Garden of Eden.  It is clear, Jesus would not prevent what the fallen angel satan wanted to accomplish, His death. Jesus could see the heart of all the players involved and was willing to sacrifice Himself for us and for all of mankind in a way that defied reason, could not be rationally explained or for some even to this day understood by those we believe are geniuses.

Truly as we gather here today, we are not immune or able to hide our hearts intent from God either.  God knows what motivates each of us and why we do what we do. Paul struggled with this when he says, “I do not understand my own actions.  For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Rom. 7:15)  So our humanity not only gets us in trouble, but gets in the way of doing what at times is considered to be Christian.  But then we might ask, what hope do we have if we are destined like Paul to do what we ‘hate’?

The answer is not found in ourselves.  We try and justify ourselves before men, whether by deflection, giving excuses or even other means, but since God sees what is in our hearts, God also makes us a promise.  God’s promise is simple. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are standing with us and ready to help us when we are at our lowest and truly trust Him to be with us until the end.

God’s promise to us is to be with us, walk hand in hand and even carrying us through what is happening and to eternally protect us, guide us and love us no matter what we encounter or face.  For God’s promise is made out of His great love for us. And in seeing what is actually in our heart, God wants to change us, our heart and the outcome of what may come, because of His love for us.

King David is a beautiful example of God being able to see one’s heart.  Though David had been a shepherd boy, had been seen as the smallest of his brothers and not given a second thought when a King was being sought.  Samuel, tasked with finding the next King, looked not with earthly eyes, but with the gifted eyes of God. Samuel saw the King because God had looked into the heart of David and saw the King that the son of Jesse would become and once he was annointed, the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward.  Samuel was given the wisdom and vision of God to annoint David as the next King for the people of Israel.

We who gather here today when we come before God’s altar today where we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are unable to hide our hearts from God.  God looks into each of us and sees what we try to hide from everyone around us. We have the opportunity to call upon God to receive the gift of grace that His Son Jesus Christ wants to give us, the gift of eternal life given in, with and under the Bread and Wine, the very Body and Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So no matter the clothes we wear, the dirt that is upon our head, hands or heart, God lovingly wipes it away from our eyes and off of our heads and hands and graciously forgives us and our hearts because of what His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ did on Calvary for us and for all of mankind.  We are offered the gift of grace, mercy and love, because God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our omniscient, all-knowing “God knows our hearts” and forgives us out of His love for us and all of mankind!  AMEN!