Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 11:15 AM
Saturday Vespers will return in the Fall. Check for our worship times after Labor Day.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church


We at Emmanuel are striving to be...



Sunday's Sermon - August 5, 2018
Including Audio


Please Contact Us to learn 'How to be the Body of Christ"

Latest NALC Newsletter - July 2018

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Sunday Worship

Summer Worship Service begins at 9:30AM (Memorial Day thru and including Labor Day)
Normal Worship Service begins at 10:15AM

Saturday Vesper Service

Saturday Vespers will return in the Fall.  Check for our worship times after Labor Day.

Sunday School

Returns in the Fall After 'Rally Day' - Sunday School for ALL ages at 9:00AM.

We’d love to share with you some of the exciting things happening at Emmanuel, like our new Pastor and Organist, bell choir, recent youth events of an Escape Room and sharing our faith with another generation.

We have four Family Fun Fest Events for July 24, 31, August 7 and 14 and would love to see you!

Our desire is for you to hear the Word of God, the Gospel and know and feel God’s eternal love that Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross of Calvary for all of mankind.

Thank you for your help and we pray God’s continued blessing upon you and your family!!


Yours In Christ,
Emmanuel Lutheran Church


Altar Guild Workshop Dates Set

Please come and help even if you're not part of the Altar Guild as we set up for the Holiday season.

11-17-18    10:00 am Saturday - Harvest Setup
12- 1-18     10:00 am Saturday - Cleanup/Advent
12- 2-18     11:30 am Sunday   -  Christmas Setup
1-6-19        11:30 am Sunday   -  Christmas Cleanup

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A Guiding Statement on the Character and Proper Use of the Sacred Scriptures 


Acolyte Coordinator

Need a volunteer for acolyte coordinator. Contact church secretary at 724-327-2190 or email at

Saturday Night Service Discussion - 07/16/2018

Please plan to join us as we brainstorm regarding the future of the Saturday Night Service. The meeting will be on July 16th at 7:00 PM in Luther Hall.






Upcoming Events

Family Fun Fest

6-8PM including a Meal
Please contact us so we can prepare for your arrival.

July 24 - Carnival
July 31 - Game Show Night
August 7 - Movie Night
August 14 - Bingo


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